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Allie has over 25 years of knowledge to help you , she attends L’Oréal courses every year to maintain great  salon experience that is different to others.

Amy McNally Permanent Cosmetics Qualified with Nouveau Contour and KB Pro.


Indian Head Massage helps prevent migraines , headaches and back pain.Promotes hair growth , detoxifies the body by simulating lymphatic drainage. Relieves sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia. Relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression.Renews energy levels and boost memory capabilities .


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DR Stevany Ly is a Aesthetic Doctor .Formerly practicing Medicine in the N.H.S . She formed CLYNIC LAB with her partner in 2018.

Fully qualified for IV Vitamin Therapy, Dermal Filler and Anti- Wrinkle injections. She does her work with passion and care.

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